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Devlog update (2020-05-09) SOLDAT TURNS 18!

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Happy birthday, Soldat!

18 years ago, on 9 May 2002 the first public version of Soldat (0.9.4b) was released. 18 years is a long time, in a way it's amazing that even after so many years our community is still alive! Let's hope for another 18 years of fun on the servers!

I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you about some development updates:

- A new version ( of the game has been released for non-steam players and is available to download at This version contains a few bugfixes from the steam version. Updating is not required.

Changelog (1.7.1->

--- Code: ---- Fixed soldat:// URI scheme registration in the client
- Disabled retrieving server list when starting the game with -demo parameter
- Added .sdm file association
- Implemented Steam P2P Networking for local games
- Implemented Discord Integration
- Updated application icon with the higher resolution version
- Added -notray launch option to disable the tray icon
- Added -nodiscord launch option to disable discord integration
- Added -nosteam launch option to disable steam integration
- Added -windowed launch option to start the game like a normal windowed application
- Implemented Steam's Enhanced Rich Presence system
- Fixed a bug that caused graphics scaling problems (big gostek bug)
- Fixed an issue with the game not responding to keyboard input
- Added an option to change skin color changer in Player Tab
- Server list is now sorted first by the number of players and then by ping to the game server
- Client now uses HTTP api to retrieve the server list.
- Added basic steam integration (steamid authentication, steam nicknames in-game)
- Registration features are now unlocked
- Removed (WM) prefix from the server name
- Added AutoRecord server config option
- Added /RECORDSTART and /RECORDSTOP commands
- Added server-side demo recording
- Enabled VAC system on the steam version
- Added SlowTickWarning server config option
- Added SC3 procedure TActivePlayer.RequestDiscordToken()
- Added SC3 TGame.OnSteamAuth event
- Added SC3 TActivePlayer.SteamID and TActivePlayer.SteamIDString properties
- Added SteamIDAsHWID server config option
- Added Steam user authentication
- Added UDP-based log forwarder
- Fixed exploit that allowed to bypass HWID bans
- Fixed bullet-hitpoints intersection check
- Fixed exploit that allowed to change someone's weapon selection
- Fixed backported PRNG algorithm from the client
- Fixed an issue with one of safety checks that was dropping legitimate bullets with high velocity
- Fixed regenerating polygons not calling OnPlayerDamage
- Modified TPlayer.Health and TPlayer.Vest are RW now
- Added ScriptMath unit
- Added arctan to SC2
- Fixed console executed commands not calling Game.OnAdminCommand in SC3
- Modified SC3 Player.OnBeforeRespawn now returns spawn position
- Added SC3 TActivePlayer.ChangeTeam(Team, JoinType)
- Modified SC3 TActivePlayer.Dummy is now RW
- Modified SC3 TActivePlayer.Alive is now read only (R)
- Added missing TActivePlayer.PlaySound()
- Moved OnBeforeMapChange event to fire at round end (5s before "real" map switch)
- Fixed SC3 OnLeaveGame giving wrong team parameter, possibly crashing the server
- Marked SC3 OnTCPCommand as deprecated
- Fixed SC3 OnAdminCommand sometimes not honoring the result
- Fixed SC3 TActivePlayer.ChangeTeam not honoring Team parameter correctly
- Fixed ForceWeapon function working with wrong Gun objects
- Added Players.Active[] and Players.Active.Count to SC3
- Modified SC3 TTeam.Players[] property to return TActivePlayer instead of TPlayer
- Removed TTeam.Add
- Modified KickPlayer fails on admin only if it's a ping, flood or vote related kick
- Added OnBeforeJoinTeam event to SC3
- Fixed TActivePlayer.Ping is always 1 #666

--- End code ---

- The source code of 1.8 version has been prepared for open-source release and delivered to the creator of the game. Now, we have to wait for the final git push to We hope that this change will create a new chapter in the game's history and bring more activity in its development.

- I have decided to step down from my duties as the lead developer of the project. It's been a fun and challenging ride, but it's time for me to move on. I would like to thank everyone I have worked with over the past few years.

artwork by L[one]R

Why leave?

Best developer, thank You <3

Damn, I'm old.

Thanks devs!

Hi.  Just letting you know both the patch and full installer get blocked by Microsoft Defender Smartscreen. 

Looking forward to not having the game minimise to tray though :)


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