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Both CTF & HNS versions of Blood are currently available on Midgard's servers now!

Not a fan of spamfests, ctf_Blood is an attempt to increase the dimensions of how modern CTF is played, without rocking the boat (too much)...  Intended as a sort of return to some of the great maps I remember, but with some twists as well. 

My objectives while making the map:
* Maintain a tight focus on action
* Give players space to breathe without funneling players into dead zones or easy camp spots
* Expand player options: 4 uniquely interconnecting routes; smart nadeboost locations; flag throwing between routes; zero-pixel-polys that can be jumped off - all of which have their own pros & cons that must be weighed up on the fly
* Design that would encourage players to use all tools at their diisposal
* Look good
* And hopefully be fun for players of all skill levels. 
Note: waypoints are implemented but with updates bots cannot cap, and there are some critical issues.  The movement demands of this map are a bit too much for the pathing options available :)


You can also find this map on the steam workshop here, and view the changelog here. 

Shoutouts to:

Ghost for putting it up on Midgard, helping me find feedback, and dealing with some problems on my end.  :-*  :-*  :-*

Haste for tips on improving textures

Rusty for encouraging use of so-called zero-pixel-polys

homerofgods for ongoing feedback and many suggestions on gameplay and visuals

Beautiful map :)

this vertical light pole is a nice idea but it doesn't fit in with other elements with light.

I have to admit, I had grander plans for the lighting.  It just got to a point where I didn't want to clutter things too much or change the aesthetic - I'd gotten used to it and thought it looked fine. 

Given I was mainly concerned with how the map plays, I simply left it in for the time being.  I think it's only going to be a concern if players think it's too distracting or otherwise interferes with gameplay. 

Thanks for the feedback though

Really nice! I tested the ctf map. Love the .gif nades, bouncy polygons and the dead bodies.
1. I don't see the middle statue. Check again what scenery is back/front. I generally play with background scenery off and have noticed a bunch of maps that should have double-checked this.
2. The middle triangle thing shows as a white square for me. Missing scenery?
3. Texture looks stretched at some places. I don't know if it is possible to fix or do better:
4. Hard edged polygons. Maybe it's possible to make the texture go through several polys in a better way?


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