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Remade Crate Graphics


Out of 7 crates that are available in Soldat, only 4 received the high-resolution graphical redesign. This is an attempt to finish the ones remaining.

The goal, mainly, is to stay consistent with the current style, and also to keep the intended visual design as though the images were interpolated.

Comparison with the originals next to redesigned crates:

In-Game comparison:

The game will automatically prefer .PNG images over the old .BMP ones. Putting the files inside Soldat/textures/Objects folder is the only requirement

Redesigned crates are inside Objects.rar, Photoshop .PSD files are inside PSDs.rar

02/08/22 - Small adjustments to visuals, .PSD files cleaned up

29/08/22 - Final revision

Under CC-BY-4.0

Looks awesome! I especially like how you redesigned the flame icon. Hopefully it'll be included as part of the game in the next update.


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