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We should move drama again to forums


as title say. Discord is way to volatile IMO.

some dramas:

rbk's admin
Sarev vs Ynwie -> oficial vs gayground
Shreder 70% win ratio - > rakk suscpecting him
vrb muted
tim and hellsik exile
shion auto lvl 3 since admin
drk top 1 on sa and europe till his friends take him down
drk/tarr wife problems bc of soldat
soldat 2 influx of players from that will be the end of soldat 1?
rakk is making a NA gather to unite both europe and south amerrica destroying ynwie and sarev
opensoldat vs sarevsoldat who will bring the new version first?
extrackt stream career end?
 AGI_69 vs Oneshots public servers drama
kaanguro playing on gayground instead of official popcornd every drama
rusku posting nazi propaganda on oficial
farruko anal problems

 ;D Soldat will never die with all these bitter old guys (probably me included)

Drama without me  ::)



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