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Script name: libposixmq
Script description: External library for SoldatServer (only for Linux) to access POSIX Message Queue standard functions.
Original author(s): Myself.
License: The Unlicense
GitHub repository:
Full description:
It's a simple external library that allows easy usage of POSIX Message Queues in SoldatServer. Message queue is a nice and simple method to exchange data between processes. In soldat it can be used to send data to another script or even another program on the same system. ScriptCore functions are mostly self-explanatory with the only difference of:
  • MQ_GetError - which returns errno value
  • MQ_GetStrError - which returns a text description of errno value

For the tutorial of how to use message queues, please read the overview in the manual.

For the source code, example usecase and information about compilation, installation and usage, please read README in the GitHub repository.
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