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ctf Idk

Original message:
The spawns are mostly protected with team-based collisions. I wanted a map with no bridge, not bent downward in the middle, no omega-smoothing and rounding to every surface, team spawns on not on top of the flag, of course some bounciness for a change, a strange middle section for more than a couple straightforward paths, and only a few sniper sightlines.

This is probably not competitive. It's waypointed though.

The overview is at 80% zoom. The map is not that large at scale. It's kind of 3 1/2 routes with the top route split a little bit. The angular corners can be maneuvered by holding up and slide/jumping over them similar to how bots handle them. Or a timely vertical somersault. There's a few bounce pads placed here and there (one is bottom route, in the middle). The spawns are protected with team-based polygons.

Download (from attachment below)
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