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Lord Ivahn:

last update- 12 January 2006


Hosted on[/color]
!!IMPORTANT!! - install to "soldat/" directory , NOT in "soldat/mods/" .

file size- 21 mb

Mod is compatible with Soldat 1.3.1 and 100% playable online.

This mod is a total conversion of Soldat. It changes Graphics and sounds converting the game from "soldier shooter" to Battlemech shooter. Imagine that everything in the game is 10 times bigger (and heavier) and youre in;]. It consists of all i love about mechs from games(Cyberstorm, Earthsiege, Shattered Steel, Shogo, Heavy Gear, Mechwarrior/Mechcommander Series) and anime mech-orientated series like Gundam or Macross. Details of the conversion are:

-Modified graphics of soldiers,weapons, bullets, powerups (including Rambo mode)
-Modified most of in-game sounds
-More than 30 Bots, fitting in the atmosphere of mod
-Selectable modified Standard Interfaces
-Multiple sets of weapons and application to easy swich between them
-Several "gostek" graphics, to fix mecha look from 2 parts(17 lower and 25 upper parts) + changable head graphics
-Custom interface, customisable (via same app.) with health status on selected mech picture (close to one from mechwarrior/heavy gear etc..)
-2 new dm/tm/rm/pm maps (MS_Asteroids, MS_Invaded)

I'll be gratefull for any comments.
Further update is planned, so please tell me what i could do to make the mod better.

Have Fun:)


standard interfaces:

Good hunting!

With Regards - [AoV] Ivan

YES, it's the godmod! Wonderful Ivan, hope to see another one soon (heretic was quite tasty).

This has always been "the mod to have" even though it's WAAAAAY bigger then the game itself!  Good work mate.

very cool

Just played this for the first time. its truley fantastic. Completely transforms soldat!!


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