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TPC4 is go!


Cold Fusion:
TPC4 is a straight (single elimination) knockout cup. Clans are paired off and matches are fought until one clan remains. It is run after the TNL season has been completed. (i.e. now)


This is a 32 clan cup, but we will include an extra round and make it 64 if that many clans sign up. Priority is given to clans who signed up for TNL4, and then in order of signup date.

Any clans that don't make it into the bag for the draw of the first round will be put on a replacement list in order of signup. If for some reason a clan does not play their first round match, they will be replaced with the top clan on the replacement list. The rules have further information on this.

Signups are open now, and will end on Sunday 18th June.

For any questions and more information, visit the forums. :)


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