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Are you thinking about sharing your pictures ?

Share them in this greate forum !

We are now looking for greate designers, and "art"-ists, you know what a mean? :P

Welcome !
I dont know if i posted this in the right section of the forum, there are so many :D Sorry admins !

Someone like it?

I like it, the color scheme is a little dark, maybe change the text to a brighter color.

EDIT: It's off to a good start

I'd suggest you did not use .tk.  Many people cannot go to .tk sites because it isn't a "real" domain and it is often omitted from ISP's DNS servers (I'm one of those people)

Plus, popups and advertisements are annoying when we can just put up with a longer URL

-- on topic --

Why make another forum when there is already a board in here -- The Official Soldat Forums -- for soldat art?

what domain do you suggest ?


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