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Please post:

1. A description of the tournament and what it is. This ranges from saying its a simple Deathmatch ladder to saying its a Realistic and Survival Teammatch tournament on specially designed maps.

2. A set of rules. This should include server settings, custom maps (if applicable), weapon settings and anything else that applies.

3. It helps to include a reason why someone should play in your tournament. People need to know that whoever is organising the tournament is going to commit to their decision and run it until the end.


If you post a topic asking for a clanwar, keep it nice and tidy. Post the name of your clan and clan leader, and include any settings your clan prefers (team deathmatch, realistic mode etc).

Most importantly, do not post anything big headed such as:

"If u dere, cum fite our clan, but b warnd, well kik ure asses!!1"

Anyone posting like that will receive a warning, then will have their post deleted. Keep it courteous


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