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How to release your map
« on: April 16, 2006, 01:06:29 pm »
Want to share your map with us? Proceed with the following steps!

  • Take screenshots by zooming out in the editor and pressing Print Screen (next to F12). Open MS Paint and press [Ctrl] + V. Save the picture. It'd be a good idea to edit the picture with a more advanced image editor, if you're not already saving in a different one from the start, so you can save it in a better file format.
  • Get your map zipped 'n packed with the Soldat Map Packer or Maps/Prefabs Archiver.

  • Instead of hosting it on a separate website, you can attach files to your forum posts; just click Additional Options... and you can stick one or two files right into the post.

  •  You could also host your map completely on sites like the
The Mapping Showcase, Soldat Mappers' League [defunct], or on the SoldatPage. If you do so, skip the next two steps.

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