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Mapping Tutorials


 Basic know-how's
* Shading Fundamentals

* Demonic's mapping methodPolyWorks tutorials
* Wraithlike's Guide to Beginning Mapping

* Wraithlike's Grande Mapping Tutorial

* Anna's-multi texture tutorial

* Mistercharles' awesome multi-texture tutorial

* Blue Ninja's Tutorial
* cooz' multi-texture tutorial

* Common PolyWorks Problems and Questions
Soulsnipa's SML Tutorials
* Basic Mapping Tutorial

* Scenerising Tutorial

* Colouring Tutorial

* Shading Tutorial Other Mapping Info
* Background Scenery Creation Tutorial *NEW*

* Compendium of Mapping Knowledge

* Mistercharles' Awsum Multitexturing Tutorial.

* How to Make Bouncy Polygons

* How to Make Background Sceneries in GIMP

* How to reduce Polygon count
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