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[READ]: Concerning hacks or cheats.


Lapis Lazuli:
The recent flood of idiocy promoting "hacks" or "cheats" has prompted me to write this official statement.

First, do not download these "hacks". They are trojans, virii (viruses) disguised as "legitimate" files that are meant to do some harm to your computer. In this case, they are probably keyloggers or reg-key stealers. They will steal your passwords, credit cards, etc.

Secondly, using hacks or cheats of any kind can get you banned from the lobby server, cause Soldat to stop working, or prevent you from playing Soldat -ever-. If you think this is a joke, it is not. We will not provide technical support for anyone who got themselves caught hacking.

Third, ignore these hacks and their idiotic posts. Their site admins have been contacted and they will be taken care of, for distributing hacks and virii.

Finally, and I forgot to mention: Posting hacks and cheats here on the forums is another good way to get yourself banned permanently. Just so you know, don't do it, mmkay?

Thanks, and remember: Hacking is not worth the risk, for whatever "gain" you may get from them, you will most certainly lose in the long run.


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