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TNL 4 is OVER.


The Next League is back for it's 4th season!


Clans will be sorted into 3 divisions with 9 clans in each (TNL-A, TNL-B and TNL-C), and 1 division with unlimited clans (TNL-D). Each clan in the first three divisions will be scheduled to play two matches per week. TNL-D clans are free to play as many or as few matches as they wish.

Clans will be allocated to divisions depending on their position in TNL3. Any other spaces to fill will be decided by the admins.

The top 3 clans in each division will be promoted at the end of the season, the bottom 3 relegated. The top 2 (may increase if clans die) clans in TNL-D will be automatically promoted, with the next 4 entering a playoff for the final spot.

TNL4 is aimed at European clans, however North American clans are welcome to signup and if enough interest is shown, a TNL-NA division will be created. However, if they wish to play in the main 4 divisions, they must have at least 2 (subject to change) active European players and be prepared to play their matches on European servers. (TNL can provide a server which has a playable ping for the majority of players).

For more info have a look at the forums:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the forums, or in our IRC channel #TheNextLeague @ Quakenet.

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