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Dedicated Server 2.5.2

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Here it is, the long awaited 2.5.2 Dedicated Server. Changes are as follows:

--- Quote from: The changelog... duh ---////// 2.5.1 -> 2.5.2 //////
{fixed things}
- Fixed /nextmap not working (from 2.5.0/1)
- Fixed server not shutting down properly via Remote Admin (from 2.5.0/1)
- Fixed players getting cheat kicked for picking up a weapon dropped by kicked players
- Fixed RandomBots#= in Soldat.ini not adding random bots to teams upon server startup
- Fixed constant connection problems when a lobby DNS fails to resolve
- Fixed server not exiting with the TERM signal
- Fixed /mercy not taking away 1 point
- Fixed server appearance in local servers request (note for client: for non-default ports you must type the port in the port box and then request)
- Fixed players are not able to vote when the vote is against them.
- Fixed Access Violations when closing the server.
- Fixed Lobby_Register=0 showing the "Registering server @ xxx" message.

{added things}
- Added Server-side Pascal scripting. Full documentation can be found at
- Added Server can be binded to a specific IP Address (See BoundIP in server.ini)
- Added NR-Service Integration (Nickname Registration -
- Added /tempban to temporarily ban an IP address. /tempban xx o.o.o.o (where xx is the amount of minutes, and o.o.o.o is the IP Address)
- Added /bandwidth command to view statistics about network traffic.
- Added /welcome# command to change the server greeting message. (Replace # with 1/2/3)
- Modified server startup parameters. See readme.txt for more information
- Added Server can now run in the background using the -d parameter (Linux Only)
- Added server goes to next map on Load error ("Too many files open")
- Modified players muted by /gmute cannot just rejoin the game to be unmuted
- Modified TKWarnings do not get reset when a player leaves the server
- Added all Team Kill warnings are reset when the map changes
- Modified readme file; it is now up-to-date and sexy.
- Added Server outputs its current ProcessID to /logs/
- Added -lock parameter to disable /loadcon, /password, and /maxplayers commands. (Server hosts)
- Modified players dont get flood kicked for using /victory, /piss, or the secret command
- Added admins connected to the remote admin port are automatically added to the remote admin list
- Added command to add a map to the map list. /addmap Arena
- Added command to remove a map from the map list. /delmap Arena
- Added command to vote maps. /votemap Arena (Note: You cant vote untill 2 minutes after joining)
- Added bots can now be used to keep the teams even. (CTF/INF/HTF Only)
  ## Change BotBalanceTeams=1 in server.ini to enable. ##
- Added /balance command for the new BotBalanceTeam feature. /balance 1/0 (1 = on, 0 = off)
- Modified players dont lose their Kills/Deaths when changed via /setteam
--- End quote ---

Server.ini has been changed! You need to add the following line(s) to your Server.ini file else
you will get an error when starting your server!

[GAME] (Do not add [GAME], just add this line under the [GAME] section)

Download Full 2.5.2 (1.8Mb):
Patch 2.5.1 -> 2.5.2 (836 KB):
Binaries+Code are Compiled+Checked by Michal Marcinkowski

NOTE: It seems Michal forgot to add the scenery-gfx and textures folders to the Full 2.5.2 zip, please use the Patch zip for now.

Please report any bugs or abnormalties on the Soldat Forums in a seperate thread.

Bon App├ętit!

Ah, finally. Great thanks for this update!

I can see a number of things there that'll be very fucking handy. Great work pal.

Great work. Thank you :)

Michal Marcinkowski:
Great stuff! I updated Can't wait to see some interesting scripts!


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