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Sticky: Mapping Discussion forum rules
« on: April 16, 2006, 01:32:05 pm »
To prevent chaos and make the difference to the other mapping forums clear, here is a guideline for postin in this forum:

What fits into this forum?
Basically, this forum is here to present your map ideas, and get opinions from the others about it.
If you have an idea but can't realize it by yourself, you can present it here and ask the mappers if someone would like to take over for you.

Of course, you can also post requests for waypointing and scenery. In this cases dont post the map into the "New Maps" Forum before, but open a topic here with a title like " needs waypointing", "Scenery request for " etc. As soon as you have got what you need, and the map is finished that far, the topic will be moved into the New Maps forum. If it isnt moved, but should be, feel free to PM a moderator of this forum.

Also if your map is in a very early stage or your idea is not complete, you can get suggestions from others, what you could do with it.

So this place is meant to be a platform to share your creativity, share your ideas and find ppl to realize them.
As soon as a map is finished in its concept and in a playable stage, it might be posted into the New Maps forum.

Concerning topic titles and behaviour, the rules here are the same as in the New Maps forum.

Feel free to add rule enhancement suggestions.

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