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Screens & download links updated @ April 04, 2006

Thats it guys, no more waiting!
A new version is (finally) out, fully supporting Soldat 1.1.5!

Now you can easily create new bots or edit the existing ones.

New features include:
- Custom skin color
- Bots can use secondary weapons as the favourite weapon
- Bots can use the bow and flame bow as the favourite weapon

Download (336kb)
Mirror Download from


Hope you like it!

And please.. don't come here just to say those childish thing: "bot editors are useless because you can edit them in notepad". If you know/like to to it in notepad, good for you... that doesn't means that everybody knows how to do it in notepad and that doesn't means that everybody HAS TO DO it in notepad.

Topic and Bot Creator/Editor created by DeMo. Last updated 4th of April 2006.

//2019/01/14 EDIT by Furai: Uploaded pack with SBC to the main post so it won't get lost ever again.

Thank u Chakra, I was gonna bring this topic to the new forum but I see you already took care of it. :)

Tested.really working and good program

Kinky noob:
YEAH EDITORS RULE!!!! ty for this.

Please update the links to the screenshots:

Thanks. ;)


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