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Dear soldat users

A wiki is a website where everyone can edit and create new articles. This allows everyone a chance to contribute, and results in a quickly growing wiki. A prime example of a wiki is the website.

A few months ago, we launched the Soldat Wiki. We aim to make a complete source of information regarding any aspect of soldat. This can be the technical side of soldat, the community around soldat and even fan art and applications.

A few notes when you edit or create articles:
- Try to be as objective as possible.
- Stick to the same style (look at other articles and copy the lay-out)
- Don't vandalize (read below for what you can do against vandalism).
- Don't add credits, a wiki is made by everyone.
- Don't put copy copyright material in articles.
- We recommend creating an account when you want to edit the wiki. We are still looking for active administrators and we can't give those to anonymous people. :)

Why not to: Vandalizing pages will result in getting a ban from the Soldat Wiki. Also note that your IP is visible to everyone when you edit or create a wiki page (unless you make an account).What you can do against it:When you see a page that has been vandalized, edit it back to its previous state (preferably with a relevant comment such as 'Vandalism' so admin users can see there was trouble and ban the user).
- Soldat Wiki

Feel free to post your thoughts, suggestions and remarks in this topic!

pwnz. very good idea, everybody start contributing now! :P

If you see someone asking a question on the forums that is answered by a wiki article, please link them to it.  If you see someone asking a question and you feel it should be in the wiki, please add it to the wiki and link the question-asker to it.

The wiki is a great idea, and I hope it will be around for a long time.

Does anyone know who owns/maintains/hosts the wiki?  I'd like to speak to them about a couple things

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--- Quote from: FliesLikeABrick on June 16, 2006, 12:11:08 pm ---Does anyone know who owns/maintains/hosts the wiki?  I'd like to speak to them about a couple things

--- End quote ---
Denacke and/or Ender, I think.

Also yes, I love this idea. Wikis are awesome.

Le MeSsiE {neo}:
Wiki has a problem: people can say that he wants about a thread he thought true.


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