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Making a bot the original way

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This is the simple manual how to create a bot.

First of all create a new text document, then write this.

Chat_Kill=Ha ha
Chat_Dead=Kiss my ass
Chat_Winning=Thats the way you do it

Here's a description of what each line actually means.

Name (Add the name of the bot.)
Color1 Color2 (The colors of the bots.)
Skin color (The skin color.)
Hair color (The hair color.)
Favourite weapon (The bot favourite weapon. Here is a list of weapons.)
Main guns.
|Add this names
Deagles - Desert Eagles
Ak-74 - Ak-74
Steyr - Steyr AUG
Spas - Spas-12
Ruger - Ruger 77
M79 - M79
Barret - Barret M82A1
Minimi - FN Minimi
Minigun - XM214 Minigun

Hands - Hands
USSoccom - Socom
Combat Knife - Combat Knife
Chainsaw - Chainsaw
M72Law - M72Law (Not sure)

Secondary Weapon (Add if you want the bot to use secondary weapons.)
Secondary_Weapon=1 (Uses secondary weapons.)
Secondary_Weapon=0 (Doesn't use secondary weapons.

Friend (Add a name here that the bot will not shoot him.)
OnStartUse (Not sure what is this)
Accuracy (Add 10 to 200 on this one. 10 will make the bot stupid 200 will make him masta.)
Shoot_Dead (Add 1 or 0. 1 the bot will shoot dead body's. 0 will not shoot.)
Grenade_Frequency (Tells the bot to use the grenade how frequently. Add here 10 to 200. 10 will trhow little ammount of grenades. 200 will throw nades like crazy.)
Camping (Add 1 or 0 here. 1 will make the bot camp on the camp places. 0 will make the bot not camp on any places.)
Hair (Use from 1 to 3 number on this one.)
Headgear (Use 1 or 2 on this one)
Chain (Use 1 or 2 on this one. 0 takes of the chain)
Chat_Frequency (Add from 1 to 200. 1 will chat really occasionaly. 200 will spam like crazy.)
Chat_Kill (Add taunt when the bot will kill someone. ex: Hahaha got you, Go to a newbie server.)
Chat_Dead (Add taunt when the bot will be killed. Ex: LAAAAAAAAAAAG! , What the f###, Killed by n00b :()
Chat_Lowhealth (Add taunt when the bot is on low health. Ex: Where is the freakin medic?, MEDIC, I am bleeding like hell.)
Chat_SeeEnemy (Add taunt when the bot will see someone. ex Run because the masta is coming., Enemy spooted, Die b###h.)
Chat_Winning (Add taunt when the bot is winning. Ex: You all suck, Beaten by the masta, I am winning.)
NOTE: Only one message allowed.

The colors of the bot.

The bot use only coded colors. like the up one.
I will soon update some colors.
NOTE: Don't put color names like red, green, white, blue because the bots will not work.

Saving the bot.

Save the bots like this.

"Botname" is the name of the bot, and '.bot' is the file type.

Topic was originally posted by lava in early 2003. Could do with some updating!

Why do that if u can make a bot with all those programs :D

Black Sniper Jack:
Oh my godness! Some things in this manual are really wrong!
And the most programs also make a lot of faults!

Really! It's true! Because of this and because of all the greenhorns in the German "SELFKILL.COM"-Forum I soon will finish my own Modding-Manual with all ways to modificate "Soldat" (and when I say "all" then I mean[/u] "all"!  ;D)

Black Sniper Jack

P.S.: Execute me, I couldn't find my Picture (I will find it soon!)  8)

Would you care to point out what's wrong with it?

Unlucky XIII:
Well, from what I remeber with making a bot, most of that is right, but I am fairly sure that the accuracy and chat frequency numbers are backwards. For example, for good accuracy, a lower number is better, and for less chatting, a higher number is more effective.

Also, colours can be typed in using "clColourName", where ColourName is the colour you would like. Be warned that it is all spelt in American English (Gray rather than Grey), there are a limited amount of colours (I am not sure, but pink may not exist, but fucshia (that is spelt wrong there) does), and the first letter of the colour after the "cl" must, that is must be capatalised (I am fairly sure... heh), for example, clBlack rather than clblack.


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