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Here's the place to speak about Soldat on your Linux or Mac system, e.g. running Wine or Parallels.

As of Soldat 1.7.0, pages 1 - 21 of this thread are more or less outdated (as well as the post below).
Soldat 1.7 should run pretty well on most linux / os x setups.
Use this thread to speak about your experience, share tutorials and ideas or ask for help if you run into trouble.


Original post:

This is just a continuation of the Soldat on Linux Systems thread from the old forums

Stealth870 had said:

Yea, here's the bug filed in bug tracker too guys:

Add whatever you can to there, hopefully a non-DirectX-inept-Wine-programmer will check it out ;)
DeMo had said:

Ok I have just tested Soldat on my Ubuntu DapperDrake with Wine 0.9.11.
Wine 0.9.11 is available in Wine's apt repository, address is in the download page.

The problems from version 1.3 and wine 0.9 are still the same.
Can't setup controls, text is garbled and sound only works with ALSA but lags (even with WINEDEBUG=-all).

I had problems with the textures and sprites too.
They were invisible.. I couldn't see the health and grenade boxes and the map looked like a wireframe.. I could see just the borders of the polygons. Take a look at this screenshot:

One more thing for XGL+Compiz (accelerated desktop) users, you have to disable XGL+Compiz or the game won't work. If you leave it enabled XGL will interfere with the game window and the game will be blooooody lagged. I posted this information in Wine's Application Databse, let's see what happens.

Elephant Hunter had said:

The installation works fine for me under Wine, Flies. Are you still having problems?

Latest Bugzilla update for font problems:

--- Quote ---By the way, I worked out exactly what garbling is happening - the font symbols
are being rendered backwards (flipped horizontally), and its using the index
one above the one it should (ie, "sqweek" shows up as "trxffl").

The fonts I've attached here are a temp fix. I used fontforge to manually flip
the characters and shift them one index. It messes up the text on the menus but
at least once you get in game the text is readable (it's not pretty, but it's
readable :) ).

I just grabbed the latest cvs code (20051227) and the problem is still present.
However, there is something else at work here - I have a saved wine source tree
which worked great for soldat back in my Debian system. But, that same tree
compiled now under SourceMage has this font issue. Probably some font config
issue is involved... unfortunately I've reinstalled over Debian so can't
investigate it.

--- End quote ---

Here is the attachment.

Edit: And the Wine bug I've filed for this problem:


I was a supermaintainer of the Soldat Wine App for a while, but Linux hardware acceleration does not agree with my new HP Laptop. We need an active member of the community who uses Linux to take up maintaining the status of Soldat working on linux for Wine or they might not fix all our bugs. If you are interested, simply go to the Win AppDB and apply to be a maintainer. It usually takes some time to be accepted (and sometimes they decline randomly), so go onto the Wine IRC channel and nicely ask to be accepted. Shouldn't take more than ten minutes if you play your cards right.

Here are some more tips:

Wine 0.9 (and maybe earlier) seems to be the only version that correctly renders polygons in Soldat. Anything later doesn't (it still works, its just you see a wireframeish looking map)
Another method to getting readable fonts (by Uncle Enzo) was by editting the wine registry. Run "regedit" in a terminal, go into the HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Wine -> X11 Driver section. If there isn't an "X11 Driver" section, just create a new key on the "Wine" folder. After you are in the "X11 Driver" key, you need to create 4 strings values, with names:

and have them all set to N. This will make Soldat render the fonts differently or something, and can look really ugly, but they are all readable. (I'm sure there's a way to set up the fonts used specifically, but I don't know how)
Soldat will run faster if you run it with this command:

WINEDEBUG=-all wine Soldat

This will disable all those fixme errors and junk from coming up. Speeds up things a lot.
If you start Soldat and get an access violation, try running the Config app that comes with Soldat and change the audio stuff. Click the Sound tab and try switching the "Sound Output Type". If you still get it, set it to "NoSound" in the driver's list.
And just to reinforce, Soldat DOES NOT work under XGL.

thanks for taking the time to constantly be trying new things and informing us.

Do you have any interest in being the new maintainer for Soldat in the wine AppDB?  I don't have the time for it, nor the knowledge of wine.  Elephant Huner  used to do it, but he got much busier and had to stop.  I hope you'll take it up, you're exactly the kind of person meant for it

I guess I would be able to, what would it require? What would I actually do?  ;D


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