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7 day ban for Dascoo
« on: December 25, 2006, 03:57:09 pm »
Halt. Hammerzeit.

My loyal and trusty moderators have informed me that Dascoo - our lovable long haired lady man friend - has had 'three' warnings. I didn't think we were still using the warning system, but, waddya know? turns out we are.

Still, that didn't do it for me. It's Christmas for christs sake, lets give the boy a break. Thats what I thought....until I got a call from Santa on MSN.

Santa says:
Ru? you there? did you like your fleshlight?

Ru says:
Hey Santa, yeah it's great. I love the picture of Jeff Goldblum on the face of it. Finally finished your rounds?

Santa says:
Ho ho ho. Yes, yes I have. But I must have a word with you about a member of your forums... Solgat right?

Ru says:

Santa says:
Right right. Yeah. You got a guy there called Dascoo...he's been a very bad boy this year, stealing his mum's hair straighteners, spamming the internet, and other silly little things. Nothing special, but it all adds up over a year. Could you give him some fatherly support? I've tried dropping the hint to him myself with the present I dropped at his place, but he seems to like your forums a lot. Maybe you could ban him for a short while?

Ru says:
you betcha Santa!

Thats what drove me over the edge to do this ban.

Consequently, he's getting his arse shunned from here for a good 7 days to learn his lesson until the New Year! Tara, Dascoo!

Santa also got in touch with some of our more loyal members and moderators, and asked them in the spirit of christmas to illustrate what Dascoo's present that he delivered actually was. So, here we present our pictures from Demonic, Sticky, and Zazikerng.

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