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So, um... nobody knows me here probably, unless he has been playing Soldat since really early versions, and was registered on the first Soldat board I was administrating.

Anyway, I was once known by the nickname dolny (sounds like 'dolly' for english people I guess, lol).

At first I decided not to say anything, but after reading some of the posts I felt that I need to clarify some things about a bizzare game named 'R'.

One day MM msged me, saying that he has made a really plain and simple platform game that will probably work on some mobile phones (besides Windows). It was even more basic than the unfinished 'final' version you guys have seen. No special plot, just jump'n'run game (which was even more boring imho - yeah, it's hard to believe ;) ).

But... I thought that the character with the umbrella could be a good start for a psychedelic-mindf*cking-platform-logic-game inspired by my sick mind, Monty Python, old Amiga game 'Benefactor' and all kinds of different stuff (and remember, "Winners don't use drugs!" ;) ). I contacted Mateusz Drabik (Mr Plant) - who created some of the gfx contents like Strangler (the big green monster) or Joseph itself, and we started discussing the game with Michal (who agreed to change the original game into something much bigger, with plot and stuff). We had millions of great ideas, for the plot, characters and hidden areas. There were references to writers, movies, books, cartoons, old games and a lot of different stuff. We planned some philosophical conversations with characters in game, you were supposed to meet the most annoying character in computer game history and so on. I also planned a character that was supposed to make the player feel down and depressed ("So, you're playing this game now, not thinking that your parents can die soon, you may have cancer, your girlfriend will probably dump you soon, and instead of spending time with her you're playing a retro pixel-art crappy game? Man, you suck") The game was to become something totally different, but unfortunately it ended up as a boring, unfinished, empty game that is nothing special. But, maybe someone will decide to compile it for Linux, Mac OS maybe, then try to develop it further. I would be happy to continue developing R, making this game interesting, bizzare and really original. So, if somebody has the needed skills and is interested, please email me.

I'm sure somebody will find this game interesting, because we had some really great ideas (like the baloon man, hidden room with dancing... and stuff).

If not, well, we had some great time inventing things for the game. Even though animating pixel-art is a real pain in the ass (some of the animations took like one day to be done properly - ask Mr Plant ;) )

All in all, I'm perfectly happy with like 5 people enjoying this game, besides Michal, Mateusz and me ;) I guess it's a game for the people who liked Alice in Wonderland :D


PS. I know something about Michal, he collects pink elephant figures.  ::)

Heh i love your (and michal's) humour :)

But yeah, the game just doesn't play natural, plus it starts hella slow and it keeps crashing on controlling the mole in level 20 so i can't even finish it. Too bad, maybe another programmer could work on it but i doubt he would have the same sense of humour and that's really the best thing about the project.

Still, a fun christmas gift :D

Yeah, the great thing was that Michal, Mateusz and I - we all like the same type of humour, but still - I hope somebody will decide to develop this game further.

Thank you for creating this game, I hope it will get what it deserves and will go on in its development.

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