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Weapon Limiter
« on: November 13, 2007, 05:31:36 pm »
Script Name: Weapon Limiter
Script Description: This script sets the available weapons per team per map. I also implemented an auto loader of weapons and soldat .ini files if your choice thats map specific. Having that blank will make it so the script doesn't load anything. This is good for having more than one game-mode on one server. (Ex: Flagball on a private server, where if you load the FB map, then only saw will be enabled except for delta/charlie team; if you know what Flagball is)
Original Author: Curt
Core Version: 2.6.3
The three maps and sets are there just for testing purposes, and UPNPAD who requested it specifically for this modification.

Map 0 is the data that is loaded if the map is not found. Do not specify a map, it will ignore it.

Latest update: December 1, 2007

My Map Specifications Script is a remake of this script with more features:
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Re: Weapon Limiter
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TYVM DorkeyDear!

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Re: Weapon Limiter
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