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Lounge Rules - Read These First!
« on: April 15, 2006, 09:03:38 pm »
This content was originally posted by JayBee

Rules for the Lounge:

  • The fact that your post count doesn't increase here, does not mean you can spam.
  • Lounge is for off-topic, but serious threads only. We will lock/delete useless threads.
  • Don't flame other people.
  • Respect the general forum rules.
  • Don't post links to warez or sites with warez on them.
  • No advertisements for referral scams (Free iPods/PSPs/Flat Screen TVs/... , Make money by surfing/sending emails, ...)
  • Use the Search Function.

Repeated offenders will be warned. If that isn't enough, you can expect to be banned.

If you respect the rules, we won't have too much work and the Lounge will be a nice place. So we'll all be happy ;).

Update as of September 24th, 2008:
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