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Maptesting team
« on: October 29, 2008, 04:32:33 am »
Heya there!
Im bored sitting here in university so I thought some of you might have read something about the maptesting team and dont know what it is exactly.
Thats why Im gonna introduce it to you now.
The maptesting team is actually just a bunch of people who like to play custom maps. It started a few months ago when we had problems testing maps. We didnt have a server so we organized one but still we had the problem that there were only a very few guys idling at #soldat.mapping which made testing maps 3on3 a hard challenge. We tried to test them with random guys we found spamming phrases like "LOLOLOLOLOLOL WANNA TEST ME MAPS???? PM ME!" at channels like #soldat.gather and #soldat.match but they often quit when they didnt like the map without giving constructive feedback to the guy who made the map that was tested ( some left right away when they recognized the map we wanted to play wasnt a Ash or Nuubia). Thanks to SuoW, mar77a and someone else I cannot remember ( not you, Biggles! ;D ( might have been Pooko)) we managed to get more players to test with us, even some ( sna-) gatheradmins like Vv00t, Poop and Kouleman. We do not want to compete with the customgather at #soldat.gather but give mappers a chance to have their maps played by skilled players and experienced mappers who can tell if a map is balanced, if the medi-/nadekitplacement is okay and so on. At the moment we don't test daily I think ( Im not up to date, so if Im wrong just correct me), just visit us in #soldat.mapping @ Quakenet, most maptests start spontaniously. Usually tests take place around 7/ 8 pm Western european time ( dunno the right description for that, I mean 7 or 8 o'clock pm in Germany, the very heart of europe ( ;])). So far only SuoW and I ( nick on irc changes pretty often, most of the time it contains my name Lennart, sometimes its just some retarted mixture of signs like xExFxQxU or something) have web access to the server so only we two can put new maps and sceneries up there, but all guys in #soldat.mapping ( should) have the normal adminlog for the server and of course new mappers/ maptesters will get it as well so they can test their map whenever they want to. Please note that the server is being used by the German gather as well. So far we didnt have lots of problems because the German gather is not really active anymore and around 7/ 8 pm ( in Germany again) German gathers are hardly being played. If there should be a maptest running and guys coming onto the server telling you they got a gather there ( in case youre taking part in the maptest or are just testing with your friends ( and you got the adminlog already)) just tell them to play their gather on gatherserver 2, they will get the ip by typing "!ip2" in the German gather channel ( for those who are interested in it). This might make them run to the admins of German gather but they are informed already so you should be able to continue testing. If they ( the gathertards) continue joining the server interrupting your tests, just change the serverpassword for the time of your maptest and change it back to earth when you finished testin please.
Okay, thats all, now make some nice maps and join us!
Greetings, Lennart!
PS: you get the serverdata on irc, I dont remember it. If youre new to irc and dont know how to use it, just write it here, I might add some tutorial links later ( for those lazy bratwursts who dislike using google).
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Re: Maptesting team
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