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Got linked this, crazy cool stuff man thank you for your service in finding and archiving this wonderful and ancient history. Gonna look forward to looking through it some time!
Mapping Help / Resources / Re: Soldat Maps Archive (12000 maps, data and images)
« Last post by Shoozza on March 11, 2023, 03:13:18 pm »
Awesome work!
It around 26gb zipped!! :D
Mapping Help / Resources / Soldat Maps Archive (12000 maps, data and images)
« Last post by LowSkill on March 11, 2023, 05:11:14 am »

Description: Soldat Maps Archive is a project with the goal to collect and preserve all soldat maps from 2002-2020. Maps are packed separately in .zip files with their assets.
Additinally, the archive contains overview images for every map if possible, as well as map data and source downloads via spreadsheet.







Additional files and information:

MISSING MAPS SPREADSHEET (With images) - Currently not fully complete.



Tools used: - Accessing archives of unavailable webpages and file downloads.

Soldat PolyWorks - Soldat map editor. Used to open maps.

Soldat MPA (ddl) - Soldat map packer. Used to pack individual maps together with their scenery and textures.

Soldat Map Viewer - Map viewer. Used to get overview images for every map if possible.


Consider contacting for any questions, requests, possible contributions or to point out mistakes:

Discord: AEfremov#1581
Twitter: @AEfremovPlus

If you have missing maps, gfx or information - consider posting it here or via contacts above.



Thanks to all the people who contributed to this project, it wouldn't have been possible without your support. Soldat never dies!

AEfremov - Compiling, maintaining the archive
Akinaro - Information help
Blue-ninja - Providing missing maps, providing missing scenery, information help
Boo; - Information help
Bread - Information help
Bubbliz - Contacting help
burakcalik - Information help
CrasheR - Information help, help with polyworks issues
Crazykana (Masao) - Information help
DarDar - Providing missing maps, information help
Deide - Advice on archive structure, windows troubleshooting help
Dominik - Information help
DUZ - Information help
ernshow - Windows troubleshooting help
FliesLikeABrick - Providing missing maps
Fryer - Information help
GoL - Providing contact information
Grey - Providing missing maps, information help
Haste - Providing missing maps, information help, providing contact information
helloer - Providing contact information
hoodlum - Information help
Insellium - Information help
JackLostYouth - Translation help
jrgp - Providing missing maps, retrieving missing maps, retrieving information about missing maps, Soldat forums support, TMS support, information help, advice on archive structure, contacting help
Keron Cyst - Information help
kicikici - Information help
Leo - Information help
Lets_Twist - Providing contact information
Mellows - Information help
Michal Marcinkowski - Information help
Monsteri - Information help
Morko - Providing missing maps, information help
Morgondagen - Information help
natsu - Information help
Noob Fale - Information help
Norbo - Information help
Owsianka - Information help
Pavilion - Contacting help
pewpew - Help with WinRar that prevented a lot of manual work
Puure - Information help
Rotenpunkt - Information help
Savage - Providing missing maps, information, contacting help
Shoozza - OpenSoldat PolyWorks support, help with broken maps via polyworks maintainment, information, translation help
Smilecythe - Information help
SoNNy - Information help
SsosenN - Information, translation help
The Last Hero - Providing missing maps, retrieving information about missing maps, scripting help for scenery identification, information help, advice on archive structure, contacting help
The_Ghost - Information help
themanofoneway - Information help
Tox - Providing missing maps, information help
Uri - Information help
urraka - Soldat Map Viewer support, setting up the map viewer 3-4 times, information help
Viral - Information help
XvayS - Providing contact information
You Got Served! - Information help
Zabobin - Information help, help with retrieving information about missing maps, advice on archive structure

Scripting Releases / Re: Zitro Stats & Ranks 3.1-build_11 (Steam / HWID)
« Last post by You Got Served! on March 05, 2023, 09:17:22 am »
Dominikkk, I am always inspired to see your tireless passion & dedication to the development of this great game. If only we saw that same level of commitment from the actual dev team.

Your work has helped many & enriched the community 🍻
Scripting Releases / Re: Zitro Stats & Ranks 3.1-build_11 (Steam / HWID)
« Last post by soldat-game on February 18, 2023, 10:51:48 am »
The funny thing is that you say that when the script is already used on several servers :)
Scripting Releases / Re: Zitro Stats & Ranks 3.1-build_11 (Steam / HWID)
« Last post by SneS on February 17, 2023, 06:01:54 am »
Dude, really? Soldat is dead and nobody plays this game :| I have a lot of respect for your work but it's pointless.
Scripting Releases / Re: Zitro Stats & Ranks 3.1-build_11 (Steam / HWID)
« Last post by soldat-game on January 31, 2023, 05:50:01 pm »
Update build 11:
- Fixed bug when player changed steam account to another. Which is why it didn't display the "<--- You" indicator.
- Removed var which was used but did nothing.
The Lounge / Re: I'm New/Leaving/Back - thread for all
« Last post by Blacksheepboy on January 09, 2023, 07:15:33 pm »
You also drew me a stupid pic in paint that looked like broccoli, and it said, "Not broccoli" in subtext
The Lounge / Re: I'm New/Leaving/Back - thread for all
« Last post by ColonD on January 08, 2023, 10:58:40 pm »
Nobody probably knows me here, but still. Started playing Soldat around 1.2.1, which was.... about 16 YEARS AGO - HOLY MOLY!! But after a long period of almost 7 years of gameplay, stopped playing and now, after 9 years of absence, decided to come back to do some casual time killing every now and then. But here is the problem: either I really suck at finding servers, or community has had a "Honey, I shrunk the kids" scenario and I definitely cannot find any more decent INF realistic servers, not even crappy ones. Where are they?! :(

Anyway, I used to play under the nickname Oxyd, and I was normaly found on Leo's realistic INF servers, usually on the red team, unless I get unlucky to be autobalanced to blue team. Spas12 [Spas] was my favourite weapon to abuse in 90% scenarios. Too bad reloaded shooting does not work anymore. ;D Since I decided to create my own little gaming channel on youtube, I thought that Soldat videos might be a great addition for an old fart like myself, who lost most of his skill, but can still cap the flag, so decided to play every now and then. Hoping to bump into some old players whom I used to play with, who knows, keeping my old nickname. :)

Hey I remember you! I drew you a stupid pic in mspaint lmao Welcome back, bud. I'm also visiting for the first time in almost two decades to see what's up. Looks like Soldat 2's been released - pretty cool to see MM's still at it. I guess most people visit the discord server now eh?
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