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RatBoy's MapPack I: "Lazy Sunday Pack" (v1.1)
« on: September 11, 2007, 03:28:40 am »
RatBoy's MapPack I: "Lazy Sunday Pack" - v1.1:

This is my first attempt of a map pack. It only has five maps, some may think it's a waste to make a pack with such small amount, but every map took me a lot of work and time to build and I wanted to gather every released one and pack 'em for some fun. Hope you enjoy this release, read on to see contents. (Note that comments on any individual map should be adressed to it's respective thread)

Update v1.1:
- These Rocks: v2.2 > v2.3
- WarJungle: v2.2 > v2.3
- Napster replaced by Defaultor Tomb v2.0
- Ratsteroids: v1.2 > v1.3
- Take Risks: v1.0 > v1.2

These Rocks v2.3: (6-12 Players) (Capture The Flag)

My very first map, made four years ago in the prehistoric 1.0.5b version of Soldat, I was fooling around with the editor and came up with some shapes and colours that I liked and continued building it, the result (After a lot of updates) is this map. It's sort of tribe themed, with every base well defined and a detailed landscape. There're many routes from each base to another, specially underground ones, my favourites.

WarJungle v2.3: (6-10 Players) (DeathMatch - Hold The Flag)

My second map, also from the old version, it also came through a lot of improvement since the first build, now it's a jungly themed map with rain and a lot of vegetation, courtesy of VirtualTT's pack. It's rather big and spacious, with many details and scenery around. This map is, in fact, my favourite of all my creations, it's the one I'm more proud of and like to play frequently.

Defaultor Tomb v2.0: (6-12 Players) (Capture The Flag)

This was my entry for the second TMS map contest, the theme of the contest was "defaultish" but I made something really not default at all xD. Then I modified the map to meet more quality and fixed tons of gameplay issues, and the result is this Indiana jonesy catacombs kind of theme.

Ratsteroids v1.3: (10-18 Players) (Capture The Flag - DeathMatch)

My biggest work here. This map took me a lot of time, from the very first idea of it that I draw on a piece of paper on a trip, to working along with tests and a lot of weird versions I managed to make it respetable, but I didn't like it enough, so I built the v1.0 that was close to the final idea and was very satisfactory. Then came the little update that makes the idea complete, I think it's at its best expression, though it has no bot waypoints since that is nearly impossible with this kind of map.

Take Risks v1.2: (12-24 Players) (DeathMatch)

Another of my old 1.0.5b maps, resurrected specially to fill this MapPack. The first version of this level was crappy, and it took me a lot of time to get a proper design of the current version, I couldn't find a layout and detail that I really liked, and I was about to abandon the idea, but one day fooling around I managed to make it satisfactory and finally release it.

Download Links: 4shared
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Re: RatBoy's MapPack I: "Lazy Sunday Pack" (v1.0)
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2007, 08:57:01 pm »
Awesome. I'm liking your maps. I'd have to say, good looking maps makes maps fun to play, as well as the design, and most all of your maps have both features.